Meal Plan: Week of April 28th, 2019

Picked up Ramps, Scallions, Sugar Snap Peas, and Asparagus from the Farmers Market this weekend so have worked those into this week’s plan. Very excited to have spring veggies – never cooked with ramps before but people seem to go crazy for them so this’ll be interesting! Monday, April 29th We’re making Cooks Illustrated’s Mapo … Continue reading Meal Plan: Week of April 28th, 2019


A few Fridays ago, we broke out of our Friday night routine of ordering pizza and drinking White Russians to have dinner with some of our favorite people at Wildair on the Lower East Side. We made a 6pm reservation which was perfect because that’s what was available and you can go straight from work … Continue reading Wildair


Recipe: No real recipe! Pile Ham, Turkey, Swiss, Pickles, Mustard, and Mayo on a Hero and press it on a hot cast iron pan (we weighed it down with another pan on top to get it nice and crispy) Prep Time: 10 min # of Servings: 2 Review: Who doesn’t love a Cubano? Continue reading Cubanos