Meal Plan: Week of May 19th, 2019

Monday, May 19th Have you had Meat Hook’s sausages? If you haven’t – highly recommend the Long Dong Buds. They are a life changer. And I saw that sausages are quite good with chutney! So we’ll check that out. Breakfast: Yogurt & Granola Lunch: Lentil & Avocado Salads Dinner: Meat Hook Sausages with Tomato Chutney … Continue reading Meal Plan: Week of May 19th, 2019

Grain Bowls

Despite the nice name, grain bowls are really just a means to throw together a quick lunch with whatever’s in your fridge. Here’s some basics for putting some together and making yourself delicious lunches without spending $10 a day. If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out Bon Appetit’s 28 Ways to Dress a Grain … Continue reading Grain Bowls